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    About DisplayLink

    DisplayLink network display technology simplifies multi-monitor computing.

    DisplayLink was founded in 2003 by Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Martin King who believed that there had to be a much easier and faster way to connect multiple monitors to a computer. They believed that technology should not hinder a user's ability to accomplish and enjoy more in a simple fashion.

    DisplayLink has reinvented the way computers talk to multiple displays through the use of semiconductors and software. We have a growing team of technology, business, and creative minds who share a passion for creating amazing visual experiences, and we welcome more talented people to the team.

    DisplayLink is a privately held company with venture funding from Atlas Venture, Balderton Capital, Benchmark, DAG Ventures and DFJ Esprit Capital.

    Technology Overview

    USB is simple, which is why every peripheral has gone USB. Your mouse, keyboard, printer, iPod, webcam, and hard drives have all made the switch due to the plug and play simplicity of USB. So why use the clunky old DE-15 analog monitor connector designed in 1987 and go through the pain of installing a graphics card to connect an additional monitor? There is an easier way: DisplayLink USB graphics.

    DisplayLink USB graphics technology allows you to connect almost any kind of display via a standard USB 2.0 cable. The technology is designed primarily to be simple and easy to use: just install the DisplayLink software, plug in your DisplayLink device, and within a few seconds you've got a new monitor, docking station, or projector connected to your PC. There's simply no easier way to add a display to your PC or Mac.

    If you're new to USB graphics, the Video Tutorials and Common Questions are good place to learn more. And if you're not a multi-monitor user already, the User Profiles page provides ideas for how you might make the most of multiple monitors for your PC.

    DisplayLink technology shows up in a wide range of products, from "universal" USB docking stations, to USB monitors, USB projectors, and more. Take a look at our Technology Applications page for more information about what kinds of products you'll find with DisplayLink USB graphics and visit our DisplayLink Shop for links to retailers selling DisplayLink products.

    How It Works

    DisplayLink USB graphics technology is a unique approach to USB 2.0 graphics, allowing smooth video playback and providing a low latency connection that feels very much like a traditional monitor while providing the "plug and display" simplicity of USB. DisplayLink USB graphics technology allows for high resolution, full 32-bit color graphics, at resolutions up to 2048x1152 (DL-195). Here's how it works:

    1. DisplayLink software is installed on the PC and uses resources available in the CPU and GPU to process the graphical information from your USB connected display.

    2. Updates to the screen are automatically detected and compressed using the DL2 (DL-1x0) or DL2+ (DL-1x5) compression technology. This adaptive compression technology automatically balances the compression methods based on the content, available CPU power, and USB bandwidth, providing the best possible USB graphics experience at any given moment.

    3. Compressed data packets are sent over the standard USB 2.0 cable as quickly as possible to maintain a very interactive user experience.

    4. A high speed DisplayLink chip embedded in the monitor, docking station, projector or adapter decodes the compressed data back into video or graphics data.


    Hardware decoder chips

    Encoding Software

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